Day Care Management System (DCMS)

DCMS windows and web-based software is designed to simplify all aspects of your daily operations, from enrollment and sign-in/sign-outs to billing and payments. Because all child, parent and family information is centralized in one database, not only are your operations streamlined, month end report reporting, teacher sign-in/sign-outs and totally paperless solution.

DCMS is a highly customized yet extremely flexible management software for all types of businesses in the child care and early education industry. DCMS is easily installed and learned, and it gives many options for setting up your preferences easily and quickly.

All the modules of DCMS run from a single database model and are thus fully integrated to minimize your data entry. You can take advantage of our package pricing or select specific modules according to your preferences.

  • Children, Family & Contacts Database
  • Records Manager
  • Communications
  • Custom Report Maker
  • Staff Database
  • Children and Staff Scheduling
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Center Admin
  • Electronic Payment Processing
  • Attendance Manager
  • School Admin
  • Advanced Report Maker
  • Custom Form Maker
  • Food Program
  • Drop-in Manager
  • Membership Manager
  • Accounts Payable and General Ledger
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